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Touch is one of the most important requirements for healthy development.  The special touch of massage is remarkable in its ability to enhance a child's comfort.


Babies who are massaged sleep better, and are calmer and more alert when awake.  Massage stimulates digestion and elimination.  It can also reduce the discomfort of teething and colds, and help calm fussy babies.


If you are the parent of an infant with special needs, you may find your child communicates differently than other babies.  Giving massage teaches you about your baby's unique signals, while helping him or her cope with physical stresses or disabilities.


Group or private classes in infant massage are an excellent way to deepen your relationship with your child.  Your certified infant massage instructor will offer individualized help with your fussy, colicky, or special needs baby and share with you the joy of enhancing your infant's development, deepen loving communication between you and your child, and provide an opportunity for you and your baby to develop relaxation skills that can last a lifetime. 


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