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We are pleased to carry the Seroyal line of nutritional supplements, homeopathics and botanicals.


Ultimate Glucosamine is a powder consisting of 100% pure N-acetyl-D-glucosamine.  This unique formulation contains no additives, salts, preservatives, coloring agents, gluten, lactose or yeast.  It dissolves readily in both hot and cold liquids.  When dissolved in water it forms a clear, colorless solution.  It has a pleasant, sweet taste and can be added to any hot or cold beverage.


CyroDerm contains essential oils and natural plant extracts.  It is fast acting and deep penetrating, giving a long lasting cold sensation.  CryDerm provides pain relief for muscle sprains, strains, sore muscles, arthritis, joint pain and more.  It is available in both spray and roll-on applications.


Medistik is an analgesic stick that provides pain relief for stiff and sore muscles, strains and sprains, backaches and more.  It is packaged in a stick that is very easy to use and requires no rubbing.  The unique formula is fast acting, mess-free and does not stain.


Back Vitalizer:  Clinically designed for reducing and preventing pain, stiffness or fatigue in your lower back, neck and shoulder, and proven in over 20 countries, Back Vitalizer is the world’s only 5-in-1 proprioceptive therapy device that provides the combined benefits of a neuromuscular stimulator, posture positioning device, custom lumbar support, spine decompression device, functional balance trainer and a cervical pillow.


...and more!