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Reiki is a Japanese work meaning universal life energy.


To receive Reiki, most people lie on a table fully clothed, therefore it is suggested to wear comfortable clothing.  Little or no pressure is applied and no oils are used.  The technique is so adaptable that you can receive it in almost any setting, in a chair or hospital bed, and through casts and bandages.


The practitioner will simply place her hands on or above your head, shoulders, back, chest, stomach and limbs.  Practitioners routinely follow a series of hand positions, but can place their hands anywhere you would like them to, for example over an injury or other area of discomfort.  The teachings say that universal energy flows, not from the practitioner, but rather through the practitioner to you.  You will receive the amount of energy you need to bring your mind and body into balance.


Most people experience deep relaxation.  You may also feel tingling, pulsing, a sense of warmth and comfort, or you may fall asleep.